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גן אירועים טרויה

A Wedding in Troya – “King & Queen for a day!”

That is the motto behind Troya Events Complex. Doubtless, there are all too many details you must decide on when planning your wedding.  The events complex in which the wedding will take place, however, will be the deciding factor which will determine whether your special day will be “just another wedding” – or a stunning event to be recalled in awe.

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הגלריה של טרויה

Our Gallery

Troya’s design is inspired by Trojan history, with sprawling lawns, large wooden doors…

ממלצים עלינו טרויה


We receive them at the end of every event – yet  are always moved  anew!

טרויה בתקשורת

Troya in the Media

Find out what the country’s largest media venues have to say about us!

A thrilling experience of flavors and aromas combining up-to-date innovation with wistful nostalgia

The culinary field is a source of pride for us and one of the highlights of our complex. A true connoisseur of the kitchen, noted Chef Max Fernand offers his  signature touch, already acquired back in his parents’ home…

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